Dream or fiction?

Let improv be closer to dreams than fiction.

Dave Razowsky on 24th October 2015, Würzburg (DE)

This perspective encourages us to embrace absurd and unpredictable elements in our scenes.

Dreams possess a captivating quality that surpasses even the realms of fiction, as fiction remains rooted in reality, even when exploring fantastical elements. It's not necessary, of course, for all your scenes to be strange or absurd (just as not all dreams are), but infusing a touch of dream-like essence from time to time can add a captivating layer of intrigue.

Keep in mind that even in a dreamworld, certain rules still apply; it simply means that impossible things are now regarded as normal (think Márquez or Murakami, for instance). While fiction may have its limitations, dreams know no boundaries. Let's not confine our improv by imposing unnecessary restrictions.