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Discover decisions

When one decides, the other has to discover.

Daniel Orrantia on 6th April 2016, Leuven (BE)

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Repetition is good!

Missie Peters on 29th January 2016, Amsterdam (NL)

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Two moments

A moment doesn't need anything more than itself. Two moments confuse each other when brought together.

Dave Razowsky on 23rd October 2015, Würzburg (DE)

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Decide already

Decide it, name it, and get it over with.

Jacob Bannigan on 24th November 2014, Brussels (BE)

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What's the matter?

In real life we tend to hide what's really going on, but in improv we want to show exactly that.

Roemer Lievaart on 9th November 2013, Amsterdam (NL)

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