Feeling good

The first step to making your partner look good, is to make your partner feel good.

Bart Van Loon on 29th April 2018, Padova (IT)

While it's entirely possible to engage in excellent improv with scene partners you've barely met or don't know well, it becomes truly impossible to improvise effectively with someone who doesn't make you feel positive.

With strangers, you may experience a good vibe, a remarkable first impression, or a wonderful connection. However, when working with individuals you've collaborated with countless times over many years and productions, you can achieve a heightened level of connection that leads to even better improv.

Go the extra mile to make your partners feel good, whether through a quick massage before a show to provide physical comfort or by offering ample attention, compliments, or enthusiasm to nurture their emotional well-being. When your partner feels good, they will naturally shine on stage. And ultimately, that's our shared goal, isn't it?