Your imagination

You're not responsible for everything you imagination comes up with. It doesn't define your personality.

Tony Totino on 4th July 2015, Milan (IT)

Shame is a major source of self-censorship on stage, or even in improv workshops. We don't want to be that person who always thinks about sex, or that actor who's characters commit suicide in every show.

Think about the creations of famous artists like Hiëronimus Bosch, Agatha Christie or Alfred Hitchcock for example. Bosch wasn't obsessed by human failure and sin only because he painted it, Christie didn't have murder on her mind all the time and Hitchcock wasn't preoccupied with scaring people in his daily life.

Our imagination lives a life of its own. It doesn't tell us who we are, so don't let other people judge you on what you come up with.